Best Places to Visit in Dawki – A mesmerizing place to visit in Meghalaya – Tourist Attractions in Meghalaya

Best Places to Visit in Dawki - A mesmerizing place to visit in Meghalaya - Tourist Attractions in Meghalaya

Best Places to Visit in Dawki – A mesmerizing place to visit in Meghalaya – Tourist Attractions in Meghalaya. Dawki is a beautiful village located in Meghalaya. Meghalaya is located in the northeastern part of India. It is bounded by the Indian state of Assam to the north and northeast and by Bangladesh to the south and southwest. Meghalaya is the capital of Shillong and is the hill town of Shillong. Whenever, we talk about Meghalaya, we recall the image of a beautiful place in Meghalaya called ‘Dawki’.

Dawki is a mesmerizing place filled with waterfalls, rivers, rich wildlife and most importantly a place close to the clouds. It is in the bottom of Jaintia hills. Also, one of the cleanest villages in India. Known for its beautiful waterfalls that flow uninterrupted and the lush green environment.

The village is also famous for its crystal clear waters from the river and waterfalls. Also, the uninterrupted water not only flow in the village  but also passes through the borders of Bangladesh.

Best Places to Visit in Dawki – A mesmerizing place to visit in Meghalaya – Tourist Attractions in Meghalaya

Best Places to Visit in Dawki - A mesmerizing place to visit in Meghalaya - Tourist Attractions in Meghalaya
Best Places to Visit in Dawki – A mesmerizing place to visit in Meghalaya – Tourist Attractions in Meghalaya

An Ultimate travel guide to the village of Dawki, Meghalaya are:-

What’s the perfect time to visit Dawki?

Dawki has beautiful weather throughout the year, making it perfect to visit anytime. The Dawki town is located just below the Jaintia Hills, blessed with immense beauty and pleasurable nature filled with greenery. Dawki can be visited both during the summer and winter. A part from this, the climate gets a bit colder in winter, the temperature stays pleasant and bearable to anyone.

How to reach Dawki in Meghalaya :-

By Road-

From Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, Dawki is roughly located about 90 kilometers.

Beautiful trees, rivulets, and deep forests can be spotted on the way to Dawki.

You can either board a private or public bus or you can self drive yourself, your family or a friends to Dawki.

By Railways- 

It can be good and fun travelling by train with the right people. If you are planning to reach Dawki by train, then you can book your tickets from the near railway stations. Guwahati Station is the only closest train station to Dawki. From there, it is about a 200 kilometer drive. You can either board a public or private buses that run through Dawki or hire a cab.

By Airways-

If you want to travel fast and easy, You can pick flights. Though, there are no airports in Dawki, the closest airport is the Guwahati Airport. There are many direct flights to Guwahati from different part of India and be easily booked. From there, it is another two and a half-hours drive to reach Dawki. Or you can also avail helicopter service and reach to Shillong. From Shillong, you can reach Dawki by cab or a bus.

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Things to do in Dawki-

Umngot River.

Byrdaw Falls.

Jaflong Zero Point.

Mawshun Cave.

Borhill Falls.

1.Umngot River

Dawki’s Umngot River is a crystal clear river. It is also called as the Wah Umngot, the river is so transparent that you could see the stones and pebbles inside this river. 

1.1. Best month to visit Umngot River-

During the month of September is when the water gets much clearer than ever.

1.2.Things to do in Umngot River:- 

You can either take swim, the water is chilled and cold throughout the year or go on a boat ride and take a peek inside the colourful marine life of the river. The fare to go on a boat ride is somewhere between Rs 400 to Rs 500 per person. You not just spot the clear water, but you can also view mighty Bangladesh’s border from Dawki River.

Best Places to Visit in Dawki - A mesmerizing place to visit in Meghalaya - Tourist Attractions in Meghalaya - Byrdraw Fall

2. Byrdraw Falls 

The Village named Pomshutia is located next to Dawki. Byrdraw falls is a beautiful waterfall, the village is most known for. Byrdraw falls is one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya.

2.1. Best time to visit Byrdraw Falls- The best time to visit the Byrdraw Falls would be during the monsoon season when the weather is equally beautiful as the waterfall. The surroundings of waterfall become much greener and alive after getting soaked in the monsoon rain.

2.2. How far does it take to reach Byrdraw fall from Pomshutia Village- One has to trek at least 2 km from Pomshutia Village to reach the waterfall.

2.3. Timing of Byrdraw fall- This beautiful waterfall can be visited anytime between 8am-5pm.

Hotels to stay near Byrdraw Falls:-

(I) Kynjai Homestay- This Homestay is 3.8km away from Byrdraw Falls. It gives an excellent 24 hour service, with an affordable rate of Rs.1000, with the highest 5.0 ratings.

(II) Deli-Baiar Guest House- It is located 4.1 km away from Byrdraw fall. The service out here is very good. It gives 24 hour service with an affordable price of Rs.2136 only.

3.Jaflong Zero Point: Zaflong Zero Point is located alongside the borders of India and Bangladesh. The Zero point is situated about 1 km away from the Dawki Market. This point is known for its stone accumulation, it is from  here the Dawki river flows into Bangladesh as well. It is also the home to Khasi tribes, the place has got crystal clear water with pebbles here too. There is also always an Indian Security Guard who keeps an eye over the border of India and Bangladesh. The Zero point is open to the public between 8am to 4pm and can be entered at zero cost.

Hotels near Jaflong Zero Point-

Lamin Guest House– It takes 620 meter from Lamin Guest house to reach Jaflong Zero Point.

Jaflong INN- It takes only 1.1 km from Jaflong INN to reach Jaflong Point.

Betelnut Resort– It takes 3 km to reach Zero point from Betelnut Resort.

Jaintia Hill Resort- Jaintia Hill Resort is 4 km away from the Zero point

4. Mawshun Cave

Mawshun Cave is situated in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. Maushun Caves are one of the famous and most crowded attractions near Dawki village. The caves are located outside the Maushun village. This cave has cute little ponds that are formed due to waters, providing a calm atmosphere. Reaching this Cave is not easy. One has to walk about 3-5 minutes to reach entrance of this Cave, by crossing rough paths and rocks. The cave gets adventurous, with a tricky terrain. The path gets narrower and is filled with stalagmite making it one of the beautiful caves in Meghalaya. Tourist are welcome here everyday, throughout the week.

4.1. Hotels near Maushun Cave:-

Deli Baiar Guest House: This hotel is 2.2 km away from Maushun Cave and affordable rate is Rs. 2,136 and excellent service of 24 hours are provided by this hotel.

Betelnut Resort: The rate of this hotel is Rs. 3,660. And it is situated 6.3 km away from Maushun Cave.

Hala Tyngkong Stay Inn: The rate of this hotel is Rs. 2128 and situated 5.3 km away from beautiful Maushun Cave.

5. Borhill Falls

Borhill Falls is also known as Burhill Falls. It is one of the top attractions in Meghalaya. Located at the outskirts of the National border, where this enchanting waterfall surely will make your day with just a look. The water from this waterfall flows through the border of India and then glides under the Bangladesh border. This waterfall is also called as the Bophills falls or the Pangthumai falls by the locals.

Hotel to stay in Dawki :-

Deli-Baiar Guest House- The rate of this hotel is Rs. 2136 with 24 our service facilities. It is 7.7 km away from Borhill Falls. It has earned 4.9 ratings.

Where to eat at Dawki?

Located on an elevated hill, there are not many restaurants in Dawki. Try tasting the delightful Meghalaya Cuisine at the Dhabas on the way to Dawki from Shillong. While in Meghalaya, make sure you try out their famous delicacies like- Dohneihong, Makham-Bitchi, Jadon and Shur Sideh. Not just delicacies, the fruits of this region are equally rich in taste and healthy to eat.

Tips and things to carry before travelling:-

A week before travelling, check and track the weather.

Pack and wear weather appropriate clothes.

Be sure to carry your camera wherever you go. The land is filled with scenic beauty.

Be sure to wear floaties instead of shoes while visiting waterfalls. Floaties tend to dry up quick than canvas or any other shoes.

Be sure to carry an extra set of clothes, bags and first aid kit along whenever travelling.

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