Best Places to Visit in Goa – What is Goa famous for?

Best Places to Visit in Goa - What is Goa famous for

Best Places to Visit in Goa – What is Goa famous for? Goa is a state in southwestern coast of India stretching along the Arabian Sea and geographically separated by the Western Ghats for the Deccan highlands. It is India’s smallest state and the fourth smallest by population. It was ranked on top for the best quality of life by the National Commission on population based in India and was ranked on the best placed state by the Eleventh Finance Commission for its infrastructure. It is surrounded by the Indian states of Karnataka to the east and south and Maharashtra to the North.

It has the highest GDP per Capital among all Indian state, two and a half time that of the country. Goa is visited by large number of domestic and international tourists every year for its white sand beaches, places to worship, night life and world Heritage listed architectures. Owning to its location it has rich flora and fauna on the Western Ghats range, a biodiversity hotspot.

Best Places to Visit in Goa – What is Goa famous for?

Why is Goa famous?
Goa is all about sea, sand and sun. It is popular for its delicious sea food. If you are a nature’s lover, Goa weather will definitely warm your heart. Goa indeed is most popular Tourist Destination in India. Be it camping, trekking, spirituality, any relaxing activity you name it and you will find it all in Goa. From partying on the beach till dusk or historical monuments to adventure sports and Goa has it all. Goa is a blend of ancient Portuguese colony, forest, sandy shores, monuments, forests and delightful cuisine you can’t get enough of it in Goa.

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Famous Beaches
Goa is world famous for its beach life , from North to South you will find a new beach for every five minutes of travel in Goa. Not only beaches but also you will see the shacks of sea food delicacy to offer. Goa id mostly famous for it’s beaches. Beaches makes it popular reason for people to visit it and adds life to Goa.

Best Places to Visit in Goa - What is Goa famous for - Baga Beach

1. Baga Beach – Goa
Baga beach is a famous beach tourist destination in North Goa that attracts more than thousands of tourists and watersports lovers to its heart. This beach is one of the best bubbly beach in Goa that stays awake the whole night. It is also called as the ‘ Hometown of Nightlife ‘. Baga beach is very famous for its cranky music celebrations, mouth – watering food and adventure sports.

How to reach Baga Beach
Baga is 15km away from Panji airport and it takes only half an hour to travel from Panji by taxi and you can also hire cycles and motorbikes at a cheaper rate to ride. It takes around 2 hours to travel by bus.
Goa International Airport is the closest of only 15km from Baga Beach. By taxi it will take one and half hour to reach the beach.
The nearest railway station to Baga is 11km and is well connected to Goa with regular services.

2. Hollant Beach
Hollant Beach in Goa comes second in the best places to visit in Goa. Here you can witness a sunrise which you will surely remember for a lifetime. This beach is significantly known for its landscape and serenity and not to be missed when travelling to Goa. Hollant Beach offers the popular southern shorelines of Goa, along with the foothills of the Western Ghats.

As it remains relatively calm without any dangerous current, Hollant Beach is additionally an incredible place to go to summer. Hollant Beach is located in South Goa but you can enjoy the famous beach resorts located nearby Hollant Beach.

How to reach Hollant Beach
Hollant Beach is located at a distance of 27 kilometers from Panji Airport. The beach is connected via road so one can travel here with their own vehicle as no buses ply to Hollant Beach.
The Hollant Beach is approximately 4-5 km away from Goa International Airport. It will take you around 10-15 minutes to reach there.

Best Places to Visit in Goa - What is Goa famous for - Palolem Beach

3. Palolem Beach
Palolem Beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Goa, located in Canacona in Southern Goa. Palolem Beach is known for its natural beauty and party vibes. This semi – circular beach is only a mile long, you will not require much time to explore its beautiful sites that the beach has to offer you. Palolem Beach will always be enjoyable to you whether you are thinking about venturing with a partner, family, friends or on your own.

Therefore, you can also indulge in numerous types of water activities, such as kayaking and boat riding in Palolem Beach. And if you like to stay away from those activities and want to spend your time alone, then you can also book a shack. Though the shacks at the Palolem Beach are quite luxurious but it offers numerous amenities to make you feel like you are at home.

How to reach Palolem Beach
There are multiple options to reach Palolem Beach from Panjim. It takes more than 3 hours by bus to Canacona, from there a public taxi will take you to the beach within five minutes.
Other than that, you can hire a cab or a self drive cab from Panjim to help you reach Palolem within one hour and fifteen minutes.
From the Goa International Airport, you can hire a cab or ride a Towncar, if you do not have a private vehicle. The journey will take about an hour to reach Palolem Beach.

Water Sports in Goa
With plenty of beaches all over Goa, it is also famous for adventure watersports. Goa offers the best water sports and other adventure sports such as,
1. Jet Ski
2. Paragliding
3. Scuba diving
4. Snorkelling
5. Parasailing
6. Speed boat ride
7. Banana boat riding

Mouth Watering Foods
Most of the year, Goa beaches are mostly outlined with shacks. Shacks comes in all shapes and sizes, from traditional ones to trendy shacks. Some of these shacks are open everyday, such as cocktails and dreams on Palolem. These restaurant serve a blend of continental and traditional food with lits of alcohol. It is also one stop destination for good food lovers.

Top 10 places in Goa serving mouth – Watering foods

1. Britto’s, Baga Beach
2. St. Anthony’s Shack, Baga Beach
3. Udipi Palace, Panaji
4. Delhi Darbar, Panjim
5. A Tartaruga, Colva Beach
6. Fish’ ka, Salcete, Goa
7. The Black Sheep Bistro, Panaji
8. Mum’s Kitchen, Panaji
9. Infantria, Calangute
10. Fisherman’s Wharf, Salcete, Goa

Cheap Liquor
Goa has lower tax rates for liquor, it is mainly to promote tourism in the state, all over the country. It has low taxes even on other goods and commodities. Not only for Indian liquor, all these lower tax rates are also applicable for International liquors as well. From big restaurants to big small restaurants, alcohol are served everywhere around the city.

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