Best Time to Visit Sikkim, Sikkim Airport, Sikkim Weather – 15 Places to Visit in Sikkim

Best Time to Visit Sikkim, Sikkim Airport, Sikkim Weather - Places to Visit in Sikkim

Best Time to Visit Sikkim, Sikkim Airport, Sikkim Weather – Places to Visit in Sikkim. Are you looking for best time to visit Sikkim, Sikkim airport, Sikkim Weather and best places to visit in Sikkim? Read along to find out more about Sikkim. Sikkim state is a tourist destination is a tourist destination of Northern India. It is a tiny state which was annexed to India, in the year 1975 prior it was an Independent country.

Here are Best Time to Visit Sikkim, Sikkim airport, Sikkim Weather – 14 Best Places to Visit in Sikkim

Best Time to Visit Sikkim, Sikkim Airport, Sikkim Weather - Places to Visit in Sikkim

Which is the best time to visit Sikkim?

March and May will be the best time to visit Sikkim as the weather around that time will be best suit every people. Also you get to see the natural beauty in its full bloom around this time. You can also visit Sikkim in December as lots of festivals like music festival and other cultural festivates takes places in various parts of the Sikkim State.

Sikkim is Famous For?

Sikkim is mostly famous for its natural beauty and various prominent pilgrimage destinations. Also in Gangtok which is the capital city of Sikkim there is the famous Ganesh Tok where every year thousand of people come to visit the temple.

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Tsomgo Lake – Places to Visit in Sikkim

Tsomgo lake is a holy place for Sikkimese. They have worshipped the lake since time immemorial. It is situated 35 kilometres away from Gangtok. Its height is 12,400 feet above sea level.

The lake is popularly known as Tsangu Lake. The beauty of the lake is such that every tourist would not like to miss this place. It’s surrounding are composed of steep snow capped mountain and looks like a green carpet of Alpine Forest. Tsomgo Lake is a glacier lake and it derives water from melting snow of the mountain around it. It is famous for its colour changing water in the mid of May. Surrounding area of the lake is covered with thousands of blossoming flowers which lend the water to vibrant color.

Tsomgo is named after Bhutia language. ”Tso’ means lake ‘mgo’ means head, so it means source of the water. The local people opinioned that the Buddhist monks used to analize the color of the lake to forecast the future. In the month of April and May, the surrounding areas are covered by blankets of Rhododendrons and orchids, the place looks very attractive during this time.

During the month October – December the weather remains clear and is the best time to visit the place. From January – March the entire Tsangu Lake is frozen as the temperature falls as low was – 20 degree celsuis.

MG Road, Gangtok – Places to Visit in Sikkim

MG Road is considered the heart of Gangtok town. It is in fact the center of shopping hub and remains busy throughout the year. Various shops, restaurant and hotels are opened on either side the road. The cleanliness of the area are worthy to be noticed by new comers to Gangtok. The area is free of smoke, litter and vehicular traffic. It is a pedesterian zone.

The area is famous for food and culture festival which is held yearly in the month of December. In order to promote peace, love and harmony, statue of Mahatma Gandhi is erected at the center and also comprises of the figure of the Bhutia Chieftain Khye Bumsa, the Lepcha Leader Thetong Tek. Other eye catching addition are decorated Victorian lamps lies along the park. So it would become the best shopping destination for tourist.

Rumtek Monastery – Places to Visit in Sikkim

Rumtek Monastery is considered one of the most sacred monasteries in Buddhism. The most sacred traditional rites are performed in the monastery. Due to its religious significance, devotees and tourists are attracted from all over the world. The monastery is situated on the top of a hill nearly 23 kilometres from Gangtok. 

It belongs to the Kagyu sects of Buddhist who originated in Tibet in the 12th Century. From here you can have breathtaking view oF Gangtok town. The architecture of the monastery is world class and visitors come to witness the same.

The monastery was founded with the aim of spreading Buddhist Teachings throughout the world. The monastery preserve a golden stupa and other sculpture which belongs to the 16th Karmapa. It has stored some of the World’s unique religious scriptures. The massive monastery is decorated with splendid morales, statues, thangkas and is very worthy to see it.

The easiest way to reach the monastery is by taking a private vehicle but one can go for more economical options of taking a share vehicle from Gangtok.

Ganesh Tok – Places to Visit in Sikkim

Ganesh Tok is a place dedicated to Lord Ganesh, it is situated at such a hill that it offers mixed stiring views of Kanchenjunga and its surrounding areas. It is known for fulfulling the wishes of its devotees. Visiting Ganesh Tok definately breaks away from the monotonous routine of the day to day affairs. It’s a perfect place for nature lovers and photographers.

The temple is very small so at a time, only one person is allowed to go inside the temple. The place looks very attractive due to colourful flags which is tied across the stairs. Hanuman Tok is located just nearby Ganesh Tok. Hanuman Tok is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology – Places to Visit in Sikkim

The Namgyal institute preserves the religion, precious culture and the glorious history of the past. The institute has an excellent collection in the museum and the library. The institute is ideal place for the pursuers of Asian Culture and Buddhist studies. 

Photography inside the institute is not allowed. The institute is specially maintained to promote and support the study, research and preservations of Tibetian history, art, literature, philosophy, etc. The institute remains open from Monday to Saturaday. Entry free of 10 rupees is charged to enter the institute.

Kanchenjunga – Places to Visit in Sikkim

The Kanchenjunga Mountain is the third highest peak in the world. Its height is 8586 metres. In the Kirat religion of Sikkim, mountain is regarded as sacred. In local Limbu language, it is also called Sewalungma.

From Gangtok, out of five peaks of Kanchenjunga, four can be seen. The Goechala Trek in Sikkim is the standard base camp for trekking of the range. Kanchenjunga is a tibetian name which means five treasures. The five treasures are gold, silver, gems, grains and holy books.

Tinkitam – Places to Visit in Sikkim

It is a very small town in south district of Sikkim. Kanchenjunga is seen at the backdrop of this town. The place is home to a very rare species of orchids, ‘Paphiopedilum Faireanum’ and ‘Lady’s Slipper’. This wild orchids blooms in the month of October and November. 

It is a ideal to visit this beautiful place. It also provides an opportunity to see a dormant volcanoes that one can go through trekking from Dentham to Tendong National Park. 

Near to Tinkitam, lies the Temi Tea Garden which is the only tea estate of Sikkim. The climate of the place is temperate throughout the year. It has a very few population. If one is looking forward to a quite and peaceful place, this is the destiny to visit.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple – Places to Visit in Sikkim

This temple is located in between Nathu La and Jelepla. People worship him as they believe that the Baba guards the lives of soldiers working along the border. More than 35 yeas ago, he went missing while leading a pack of mules from his division at Tukla to Deng Dhukla in East Sikkim. After three days his dead body was recovered. 

There after many soldiers complained that Baba came to their dreams asking to build a shrine in his memory. Samadhi was made in his memory and was called the Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple. People believed that Baba came to the temple every night and did his duty after putting on his uniform.

Tourist visting the temple would leave water bottle for a few days and collect believing that by drinking that water all their wishes would come true. Baba’s office has been built beside the temple. Presently, it has become tourist attraction.

Mangan – Places to Visit in Sikkim

Mangan is situated on the Northern part of Sikkim. It has become an attraction for Trekking and its Yumthang valley. Tourist and travellers use this term as a base station. From here they start treks and tours to other parts of this district. Mangan has slowly but steadily developed as a sanctury for nature lovers, travellers and soul seekers as it is surrounded by many white peaks sparkling streams and blooming shrubs.

A three day music festival is organized in December every year where bands from different parts of the state as well as from other northern state participate.

The cold weather music and mountain make it a very exciting event.

Himalayan Zoological Park – Places to Visit in Sikkim

The Park is situated at Bulbuley which is 3 km away from Gangtok. The altitude of the park is 1780 kilometres. The park is spread over 205 hectors of land in the mountanious terrain which is the home to a variety of fauna, including the snow leopard cat, gorals, Himalayan Plam cevit, Himalayan red pandas, Himalayan red monal pheasant, crimson-horned pheasant and Himalayan black bear.

Seven Sister Falls – Places to Visit in Sikkim

The picture perfect spot has got its name primarily due to the 7 stages that it makes its fall from top to bottom. Owing to its altitude, only four stages from the bottom can be seen by the visitors. The famous waterfall is situated at a distance of 32 kilometres from Gangtok on the Gangtok – Lachung Highway.

The Sikkim Tourism and Aviation Department has built a waiting shade and cafe area for tourist and visitors to get refreshed. The rainy season is the best time to visit the waterfall as during this time the waterfall comes back to life.

It has become an absolute delight to see the gurgling water passing through the green vegetation.

International Flower Festival – Places to Visit in Sikkim

A flower festival is organized by the tourism department of Sikkim government as an annual festival. The festival is celebrated in the month of May. It starts from the 1st day of the month and remains till the end of the month. Several beautiful species of flowers are showcased here such as orchids, gladoli, alpine plants, cacti, roses, creepers, climbers, ferns, herbs etc.

Lectures and seminars are also held in which renowed botanical scientiest takes part. It is a great service of attraction to the tourist. The flower festival is held in the flower exhibition center or near the white hall complex in the capital city of Sikkim, i.e Gangtok.

Banjhakri Falls – Places to Visit in Sikkim

The Falls is a newly discovered sightseeing destination for the tourists. The area is spread over 2 acres of land. It is situated around 10 -12 kilometres away from Gangtok on the way to Ramka Monestry. The waterfall falls from a rocky height of about 40 feet. The main tourist attraction of the area is energy park – a beautiful landscape garden. Various species of flowers are decorated with beautiful statues of Lyam Lymay, Mangpas, Lepcha and Banjhakri ancestors. There are numerous recreational activites and refreshment stalls. 

A swimming pool is also built for the tourist. At the park you can witness numerous ethnic sculptures along with figures showing the Jhakri culture. As per Nepali folk tale a Banjhakri is a man who possess some powers of healing. It is believed that Banjhakri lives in caves in the forest where he worship the spirit. 

Nathu La Pass – Places to Visit in Sikkim

The pass is situated at a height of 4310 metres. This pass connects Tibet with Sikkim. In order to visit the pass, one has to take permit from Gangtok and only for Indian citizens. ‘Nathu’ means listening ears and ‘La’ means pass. It is famous for picture beauty and its beautiful environment. The temperature of the place almost remains low throughout the year so it becomes a hot shot for tourists during summer.

Every year tourists gather here for tekking in the valley and enjoying the scenic beauty of the area. There are number of water falls on the way to Gangtok to Nathu La. Once can enjoy to see beautiful snow peaks encircling the area. The reason is the home of Himalayan wildlife like tibetian gozilla, snow leopards, yaks, tibetain wolf etc.

Nathu La possess rich varierty of flora too.

How to Reach Sikkim? Best Time to Visit Sikkim, Sikkim Airport, Sikkim Weather

Sikkim has now got its own airport, Pakyong Airport near Gangtok. The other nearest airport to Sikkim is Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri which is 124 kilometres. If you travelling by train then the nearest railway station will be New Jalpaiguri Railway Station which is 148 kilometers away. From Siliguri, you will get many shared taxis and bus service from Tenzing Norgay Central Bus Terminus.

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