Best Places to Visit in Lohagarh Tea Estate – Historical Remark of Lohagarh Tea Garden

Places to Visit in Lohagarh Tea Estate - Historical Remark of Lohagarh Tea Estate

Places to Visit in Lohagarh Tea Estate – Historical Remark of Lohagarh Tea Garden. Lohagarh Tea Estate is a such destination having undoubt many historical facts. This  destination is surrounded by green natural vegetation. There is Mirik Gaari in North Chenga, Manja, Naxalbari is in South and in the East there is Panightta and Chenga Busty. Nepal is our negiourbhood country and river mechi as a international boundary located in the West. Lohagarh Tea Estate is located in the Darjeeling district, West Bengal areas, Police Station Mirik and Post Office in Belgachi.

Historic name ‘Lohagarh’ is originated from the source ‘LOHASUR KING’ who ruled  over this region thousands of year ago. A Gorkha Historians Dr. Kumar Pradhan and his team visited this place and discovered some portion of virtually abandoned castle of the king this is fact that a local wood cutter had found a copper statues and a sward on this scrap of used stone. It is known that the Lord ‘ Rama’ was spent some days of his 14 years exile period on this place.

To prove this still there is a ‘SITA POKHARI’ where Maa Sita used to take bath is nearby belonging Nepal. It is popularly known that on the same Lord ‘KRISHNA’ was used to play his flute that couldn’t be denied as we know  that there is a famous place name as ‘KRISHNA THUMKI’ in nearby Nepal Jhapa district where a big festive observed every year on the occasion of ‘KRISHNA JANMA ASTAMI’.

At present ‘LOHAGARH’ is a very beautiful place and has become habited of eight thousands people as well. In this place there are 419 House’s in this villages. As on today’s by the grace if God no any pandemic situation is faced the people of their place. It is believe the indeed is a habitat of God. Attributes of the people of this village is that they play big honoured to king ‘LOHASUR’ even today.

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The breathtaking natural beauty of lohagarh can Mesmerize any visitors to the places. Surrounded by jada green hills, waterfalls, beautiful tea gardens. Lohagarh has a huge potential of transforming into a major tourist destination. Lohagarh is packed with lots of stunning landscape,  unique flora and fauna, tea gardens, birds watching, treking activities and places for adventure, the area makes for an exciting tourists attraction. On offers to visitors are guided and self-guided tours to villages, an exposure to the local lifestyle, culture and the area’s fascinating history and heritage.

The peaceful relation among the ethnic community and their composite culture is an extraordinary attributes of the beautiful village.

Places to Visit in Lohagarh Tea Estate - Historical Remark of Lohagarh Tea Estate

Places to Visit in Lohagarh Tea Estate – Historical Remark of Lohagarh Tea Estate

1) Mechi, Manjha and Jarwa kuna Rivers.
2) Kharbani Forest, Guests House and Cottages.

1)  Mechi , Manjha and Jarwa kuna Rivers : The Mechi River is a trans- boundary river flowing through Nepal and India. It is a tributary of the Mahananda River. It sources located from Mahabharata Lekh, Nepal. It mouth located from Kishanganj district, Bihar, India. It co- ordinates 26°13’46N87°57’05’ E. The Mechi – Mahananda interfluve is a transitional area between the hills and the plains and exhibits a wide range of topographical variations.

The Mahananda River system of which Mechi is a part has a catchment area of 8,088 square kilometers (3, 123sqml) in Nepal and 11,520 square kilometers ( 4,450 sq mi) in India.

EMBANKMENTS :- Embankment exits of the left bank of the Mechi River for 14 kilometers (9mi) in West Bengal. These need remodelling to prevent floods in the Naxal bari area of Darjeeling district. As the Mechi forms the international border, it was agreed at a meeting of the Nepal.

RIVER LINKING :- River Linking is a proposal to link the Mechi to the ko si. Kosi – Mechi interlinking is part of a NPR 56000 billion River Interlinking project proposed to Nepal by India.

MANJHA RIVER:- Several Villages under mirik blocks of Gorkhaland Territoral Administration (GTA). The bridge connects people’s of lohagarh, khapril, Potong, Hilayjhora Manjha with katharey, Thiling, Chenga Busty, Panightta, Naxalbari , Bagdora and Siliguri. This is a vital road because people have to take this route to reach the nearest hospital, police station, Bazaars and Banks.

2) Kharbani forest, Guest House and Cottages:- It is a huge forest located in historical place ‘ LOHAGARH’. It is under ‘Khar Bani’ range office. There are so many trees and animals in the forest of Lohagarh and also can find various types of trees and animals too. There is a small River in the middle of the forest. It flows from the top of chotta Tingling, and till the last phase of Manjha Village it ends.

Apart from that, so many villagers go to forest to bring woods and green grass for domestic animals . It is really a wonderful peace forest in Lohagarh. Many guest keep coming in our beautiful peace forest . There is a very beautiful and peaceful place. Guest House as well as Cottages where they can easily stay some days with their families. After knowing about peaceful forest you all feel very happy and you like it a lot.

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