Top-Rated Tourists Places To Visit In New Delhi – Best Time to Visit Delhi

Top-Rated Tourists Places To Visit In New Delhi - Best Time to Visit Delhi

Top-Rated Tourists Places To Visit In New Delhi – Best Time to Visit Delhi. Delhi is a city and a union territory of India, officially known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi, the Capital of India. It is bordered by Uttar Pradesh to the east and by the state of Haryana on three sides. The National Capital Territory covers an area of 1,484 square kilometres. According to the 2011 census, Delhi’s population was about 16.8 million.

Delhi is the second-highest in India after Mumbai. It is the most popular region in the world and is a mixture of tradition and modernity. There are numerous places to Visit in Delhi with some of the most beautiful Tourist Places in it. It has something for everyone who wish to visit Delhi. So lets discover the top-rated Tourist places to visit in New Delhi.

Top-Rated Tourists Places To Visit In New Delhi – Best Time to Visit Delhi

Top-Rated Tourists Places To Visit In New Delhi - Best Time to Visit Delhi - India Gate
Top-Rated Tourists Places To Visit In New Delhi – Best Time to Visit Delhi

1. India Gate
India Gate is located in New Delhi is a war memorial dedicated to the 82,000 soldiers, both Indian and British dies during first World War and the Third Anglo-Afghan War. The Amar Jawan Jyoti is also located here, which is a kindled structure, underneath the archway. This monument has the names of 13,300 servicemen inscribed on its surface. This historical structure was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, which is 42 meter tall and is one of the largest was memorials in the country.

The foundation stone of India Gate was laid down in 1921, unveiled on 1931 by Indian Viceroy Lord Irwin. The Amar Jyoti Jawan was built in 1971 during Post-Bangladesh Liberation War. It symbolises the eternal, immortal soldiers of India. India Gate has become one of the most popular picnic sports in the city. India Gate is open all time and no entry fee is required to visit the memorial.

How To Reach India Gate
The most suitable option to reach India Gate is through metro. The nearest metro station is the Central Secretariat metro station and other metro stations are Pragati Maidan, Barakhamba and Race Course. To reach India Gate from metro station one can take an autorickshaw or taxi and DTC bus from any point in the city. The tourists are not allowed to take their own vehicle to the memorial.

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Top-Rated Tourists Places To Visit In New Delhi - Best Time to Visit Delhi - Lotus Temple

2. Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple is located in the national capital of New Delhi. It is one of the seven Baha’i House of worship around the world dedicated to the Baha’i faith. The spectacular Baha’i House of worship, also known as the Lotus Temple is an architectural masterpiece due to its nine sides and stunning central dome. It is constructed of white material and marble, the entire structure looks as delicate ad the flower it looks like.

The Lotus Temple was built in 1986, since the temple has attracted more then 70 million visitors, making it to be one of the world’s most famous visited attractions place of worship. Not just for its astonishing architecture but also to experience a new way of meditation completely different ecstatic aura. One can visit any day of the week except Monday from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM.

Evening hours are the best time to visit this temple as its beauty is more deepen by the floodlights during this hours. No entry fee is required to visit this temple.

How To Reach Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple being situated in the capital city of India is well connected by the metro as well as bus. The nearest metro station is the Violet line, Kalkaji station. To reach the temple from metro station one can take an auto or walk down for 15 minutes.

Top-Rated Tourists Places To Visit In New Delhi - Best Time to Visit Delhi - Qutub Minar

3. Qutub Minar
Qutub Minar, located in South Delhi is a prominent landmark of Delhi. Completed in 12th century Qutub Minar is a minaret, a victory tower and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site constructed of red sandstone with the height of 72.5 metre (238ft) tall. It attracts many foreign visitors who are eager to climb to the top for its thrilling views of the surrounding area. The construction of Qutub Minar was started in 1192 by the founder of Delhi Sultanate, Qutb Ud-Din-Aibak after he defeated the last Hindu Ruler of Delhi.

This adorned five story tower rises more than 70 meters and is covered with complicated carvings featuring the history. The complex also includes a mosque the Quwwat-Ul-Islam Masjid at the base of the tower, built in 1310, a 2,000 year old Iron Pillar, the tombs of Altamish, the Alai Minar, Allauddin Khalji and Imam Zamin.

The best time to visit Qutub Minar id from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The entry fee required for Indians is INR 10 and for Foreigners is INR 250.

How To Reach Qutub Minar
The nearest metro station to Qutub Minar complex is minar metro station situated on the Samayput Badli and Huda City Centre. DTC also runs state buses to Qutub Minar complex which are more economical. The nearest bus stop is Mehrauli Bus Terminal or can hire shared auto rickshaw to get the complex.

Top-Rated Tourists Places To Visit In New Delhi - Best Time to Visit Delhi - Red Fort

4. Red Fort
The Red Fort is a historical palisade in the old Delhi area, built by Shah Jahan in 1638 as a result of a capital shift from Agra to Delhi. The remarkable structure with its tall, red sandstone walls covers and area of more than two square kilometres. The entire part id in crescent shaped and surrounded by a moat. The magnificent main entrance is named as the Lahore Gate as it faces towards Lahore in Pakistan.

Entering through the Lahore Gate, visitors reach a 17th century covered bazaar Chhatta Chowk, where items such as silks, gens, jewellery and silverware can be purchased along with the food items. Within the Red Fort there is the Naubat Khana house for the musicians who played for the emperor its galleries still contains musical instruments such as gongs, kettledrums and cymbals. The Hall of Public Audience known as Diwan-i-Am, is also worth seeing where the emperor would receive his subjects for its stunning white marble.

The Red Fort is also formerly known as Quila-e-Mubarak or the blessed Fort. The entire complex is said to represent the brilliance of Mughal architecture and its architectural creativity. Red Fort is one of the major tourists attraction and the most popular monuments in India. The best time to visit this beautiful destination is at a pleasant weather during the month of September to March.

How To Reach Red Fort
The nearest metro station ln the yellow line is Chandini Chowk. From the metro station one can also hire autorickshaw or a taxi to Red Fort. One can also reach through the DTC buses from any part of the city as these buses ply regularly on this route.

Top-Rated Tourists Places To Visit In New Delhi - Best Time to Visit Delhi - Delhi Zoo

5. Delhi Zoo
Delhi Zoo, also known as Chidiya Ghar, is a favourite weekend spot among children and adults. The Zoo has all kinds of animals and birds, from biggest cats to the tiniest birds. It has battery-operated vehicles and also canteens for the visitors. It is 8km away from the city.

National Zoological Park was inaugurated in 1959 and is situated near the Old Fort in Delhi. It is largely visited by tourists to reignite curiosity and exploring the place. Delhi Zoo was renamed the National Zoological Park in 1982 with the idea of making it the modern zoo of the country. The Zoo provides home for endangered species and also helps them to breed in confinement. It also promotes Conservation Breeding Programmes for Asiatic Lion, Brow Antlered Deer, Royal Bengal Tiger, Swamp Deer, Indian Rhinoceros and Red Jungle Fowl.

The time to visit Chidiya Ghar is from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. It is closed on Friday and National Holidays. Tickets prices at the Delhi Zoo  for Indians is adults INR 40, for children between 3-5 feet is INR 20 and for children below 3 feet is free. And for foreigners adults is INR 200 and for children above 5 years is INR 100 and below 5 years is free.

How To Reach Delhi Zoo?

The nearest metro station is Pragati Maidan on Blue line. From metro station one can hire autorickshaw or taxi to the destination.

These are 5 Top-Rated Tourists Places To Visit In New Delhi and Best Time to Visit Delhi. Hope you like them. If you want to add more to the list, comment below.

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