Places to Visit in Siliguri – Best Tourist Spot in Siliguri

Places to visit in Siliguri - Best Tourist Spot in Siliguri

Places to visit in Siliguri – Best Tourist Spot in Siliguri. Here are the best tourist places that you can visit in Siliguri. Hope you like them, if you have more places, do comment in the comment section below.

Places to visit in Siliguri – Best Tourist Spot in Siliguri

Places to visit in Siliguri - Best Tourist Spot in Siliguri
Places to Visit in Siliguri – Best Tourist Spot in Siliguri

Salugara Monastery

Salugara is a small town located in the outskirt of Siliguri, and is mostly famous for its namesake monastery. This beautiful Monastery was built by Kalu Rinpoche, a Tibetan Lama. It is located at a distance of 6km from the busy city of Siliguri. It is a Tibetan Monastery which is also known as the Great International Tashi Gomang Stupa. It is near the army camp of Salugara.

Established by Tibetan Buddhist monks and followers of DalaiLama, the monastery is famous for the 100feet stupa. Tourists come to visit there from across the globe.

This Buddhist shrine houses around 5 Buddhist relics and is a place of meditation and prayer. The pleasant atmosphere around the monastery makes it a perfect to place to visit learning behind the crowded city.

It runs a Buddhist institution where young monks are taught about Tantric sect of Buddhism. The perimeter walls feature colourful depictions of a meditating Lord Buddha whereas the interior feature a polished wooden floor. Over wooden floor prayer mats are been placed for devotees.

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Iskon Temple

It is also known as Sri Sri Radha Madhav Sundar Mandir. This temple was built by ISKON which stands for International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Iskon was founded by his divine grace A. C Bhaktivedanta Swami (Srila Prabhupada) in the west in 1996. It is a religious place. You can visit there with your family members.

The Iskon temple is a highly popular tourist attraction in the Siliguri. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna. There is auditorium in the temple which has a seating capacity of 500-600 people. It is used for conducting conventions and meetings.

The Science City

Science city is another best places to visit in Siliguri. It is located 5km north of the Siliguri city. It is situated in Matigara near the Quantum Building (The Sky building). This is also known as the North Bengal Science Centre. There you’ll find many scientific projects and equipment.

If you’ve never been to a science museum, this is the best place to be. The plenty of different exhibitions held over here displaying various concepts of science like light, electricity, magnetism etc. This place is specially for science lovers. There is a planetarium  which as a fixed timing.

Most of the school brings their students over here for the educational tour. Different astronomical shows are also conducted in the planetarium here. The basic scientific principles are shown in a very simple and interesting manner. Thereby, learning science has become a lot more fun.


Dudhia is located 28kms away from the main siliguri town. It is one the most visit picnic spot among the paces in Siliguri. It is situated in the Mirik-Siliguri highway. Dudhia is an ideal place to enjoy river side camping and trekking.

From Dudhia, you can enjoy the beautiful views of Balason landscape and the Balason River too. When you stand in the bank of the river you can the chilled wind blowing softly. There are many restaurants and tea stalls near the river.

It is surrounded by some of the tea garden areas, such as Longview Tea Garden, Gayabari Tea Garden, Marianbari Tea Garden. Panighatta Tea Garden, etc. You can explore to some of these gardens if you want to. If you wanna have some quality time with your loved ones than this is the place you were looking for.

Madhuban Park

Madhuban Park is a beautiful park located in the outskirt of Siliguri. It is     km away from the main siliguri town. It is founded by Indian army. The park acts as an ideal picnic spot for the locals and as well as for outsiders.

It is surrounded by the Sukuna forest because of which climate over here remains cool. We can go a walk towards Sukuna forest enjoying the scenery of it. Madhuban Park has attracted plenty of travellers towards it.

We can spend some quality time with friends and families. Basically, this place is best for kids to visit. There can play freely as there is a huge garden in the park. For kids there are even swings to enjoy themselves. We’ll even get to see monkeys doing funny activities. But we have to very aware of those monkeys and we must keep our belongings very safe with us, or else they might snatch it.

Usually, the park opens at 6 am in the morning and closes at 7pm in the evening. The best part is to know that, it is opened throughout the weeks. So, we can visit any day of the week.

Savin Kingdom

Savin Kingdom is a castle – themed amusement Park, situated on the banks of the beautiful Mahananda River in Siliguri. The Park is a perfect place for complete family entertainment. This park has across an area of 10 acres. It is divided into three sections. They are dry park, food court and water park

If you wanna proceed towards the dry section which consists of several swings for kids. Kids really enjoy in this section. They’ll find Merry go round, kiddy Columbus, kiddy Express, jumping jack and jumping frog. For adults we’ll find thrilling fun rides, sky train, bumping car, break dance, paratrooper, Savin formula one, flying chair and tame the bull.

You have another choice i.e the water section. There are many delights for you to take pleasure in. Most interesting place of this section is Wave Pool and thriller slide, which also has kids play pan. You can enjoy inside the pool with your family. During winter, the water park’s orchester deck helds a party where you can participate and enjoy with your loved ones. Yo can take the pleasure of the evening view along with bonfire and tandoor.

After getting fully tired and hungry, you can have a very delicious meals and snacks. This is how you can make a better day.

Hong Kong Market

It is located at a distance of 4.8km from NJP and 14.4 km from Bagdogra airport. This I the best place for shopping who has a good bargain skill. Here you get all the imported products from China, Thailand, China and so on.

It is easy to reach in this market from any direction as it is situated on the min street of the siliguri town.
Everything is available in this market from electronics, clothing, cosmetics, household stuffs, shoes and so on at a very cheap and affordable price. There are many  path to get inside the market. Starting from the entrance you’ll find many shops where you can get many things to buy at a cheap price.

For those who love doing shoppings often with a low budget, this will be the best place for you guys. To get the self experience, you must visit this market once. The price of the products in this market will mke you go crazy. You can have your meal while having shopping as you’ll get many food stalls inside the market.

Suryasen Park

Suryasen Park is present at The Mahakal Pally in Siliguri. The park is 16km away from Bagdogra. It is very popular picnic spot for the locals of Siliguri.

The Park is named after the Bengali freedom fighter. Surya Sen. At the centre of the park there is a statue of Surya Sen that reminds people of his great contribution in the Chittagong uprising against the British.

The presence of the beautiful Mahananda River nearby adds up beauty to the park. It is an eco-friendly  place which is popular for different types of activities. It spreads awareness among people about alternative energy sources through exhibition.

Surya Sen Park is known for its beauty. Kids love going here, as they can have fun. The park has open garden where kids can play freely. There are also many rides and swings for both kids and adults. You’ll find many beautiful places where you can click a photo Nd make your day better and memorable.
In the evening, the park looks stunningly beautiful as the park will be decorated with the colored lights.

City Center Mall

City center mall is one of the most crowded place in Siliguri. It is 12km far away from Bagdogra airport and 8.8km from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. From Bagdogra Airport it almost takes 20-25 minutes and from NJP Railway Station it takes around 1 hour to reach City Center Mall.

City Centre is developed over a ten-acre expanse. It is a multi – utility complex.

If you go there by your private cab or two wheelers, you’ll get to place to park the. For two wheelers it gonna cost Rs.10 and for four wheelers it’ll charge Rs.20.

In the entrance you’ll find a huge green garden. There you can sit and relax. Inside the malls, there Arena shopping malls such as Max, Lifestyle, Spencer, Shopper Stop and so on. Brands like Levis, Adidas, Forever 21 showrooms are available here.

You can even go to Innox Hall and watch movies and have a great time with your friends and family. Horror house and 9D are the places where you can hv adventure experience.

Outside the mall you can go to KFC, Domino’s, Pizza Hut where you can have what you like. There are even fast food stalls where you get chowmin, momos and so on. So whenever you come to Siliguri do visit City Centre.

Vega Circle Mall 

It is located in 2nd mile, Sevoke Road, Siliguri. Vega Circle mall is 8.3 km away from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and 17kms away from Bagdogra airport.

Vega Circle Mall is the third big mall  opened in siliguri after Cosmos and City Center. It has a range of shopping options plus fun and entertainment zones.

There are brand likes Forever 21, Levi’s, Spencer’s, Ritu Sharma etc. On the top floor there are many good food stall where you can have delicious food a lighten up your mood and energy. You can even spend quality time by watching amazing movies in Innox inside the mall itself.

It is a nice place to hang out in the evening. This mall opens from 10:30am to 9pm everyday.
Whenever you are in Siliguri and not getting what to do, please do visit these places. You’ll enjoy a lot and it gonna be a amazing day.

These are the best places to visit in Siliguri and 10 Best tourist spots in Siliguri. Hope you like them. If you want to add more to the list, comment below.

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